• Dreamair 90th Birthday Signature PlateRoundBox - B000DZV7UED
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  • Dreamair 90th Birthday Signature PlateRoundBox - B000DZV7UED
  • Dreamair 90th Birthday Signature PlateRoundBox - B000DZV7UED

Dreamair 90th Birthday Signature PlateRoundBox - B000DZV7UED

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  • Signed and Sealed Signature Plate diam 25cm (10in) all design and wording hand painted in the UK in relief with infills of colour

  • Contents include: hand painted plate,baking pen,full intructions on how to seal the signatures ,gift boxed.

  • Friends , family and colleagues sign the plate with the pen bake in the oven at home for a wonderful memento of a special occasion

  • Washable

  • See full description below for further details and Q & A's

  • Product description

    Our Signature Plates are hand painted in relief with infills of colour.We like to think our Signed and Sealed Signature Plates are PERSONALISED gifts by you that can be used or admired daily. Family and friends write messages on the Signature Plate with the special pen provided after 24hrs the Signature Plate is baked in the oven at 150°C at home for less than an hour and there you have a fully washable permanent reminder of your special day.SIGNING THE PLATE: Take the top off the pen press the nib on a hard surface that will pierce the ink cartridge and you will see the black colour come thru the white nib, youre ready to go SEALING THE PLATE After 24hrs,put the plate cold into an oven put the temperature to 150°C (300°F), when the temperature has been reached (usually 15 minutes or less) bake for a further 40 minutes, switch off oven, open the door and let it cool naturally there you have a washable (by hand) beautiful memento. FAQ's How careful do I need to be when writing on the plate?No need to be too careful, the signatures are usually touch dry within 15 seconds and you can wipe your finger across and they won't smear. Will I have enough room? There is plenty of room on the plate (a lot of guests write their messages as couples) plus you can write on the back of the plate. Can I censor any comments I don't like? You can censor before sealing if you need to. Use a cotton bud with methylated spirit or liquid detergent on and carefully delete the comment. What happens if I get my signatures at the party and I want to add more later? No problem you can leave the plate unbaked and add signatures later, or if you have sealed your plate and want add signatures, you can go through the same process again and again. NB. Always store the pen horizontally with the lid on securely.

    Box Contents

    • Gift Boxed

    • Signed and Sealed Pen Pack

    • Instructions

    Dreamair 90th Birthday Signature PlateRoundBox - B000DZV7UED